Gaming motherboard for cheap pc build


Jan 25, 2012
I'm building a gaming/video editing pc from scratch with the aim of achieving high quality graphics on a decent sized monitor (probably a 19").
My budget (pathetic, i know) is $500, BUT that doesn't really matter, I've got most of the specs lined up.
My issue is this: What motherboard is cheap ($50-$80), reliable, and highly upgradable for when I get some more cash?
I DON'T need an onboard gpu.
I DO need support for 8-16gb ram, though I am starting out with 4gb, I'll likely upgrade. Also, it needs to support my cpu (AMD Athlon 640) and video card (Radeon HD 5770). The rest of the specs should be decent but not incredible. USB 3.0 not necessary.

ALSO, are my cpu and graphics card good enough for high quality gaming/video editing? Should I get more ram?

ALSO, I've heard the Radeon HD 4870 is better than the 5770, and it's much cheaper. WOULD the 4870 work for my build? Better or worse than 5770?

Specs list (loose)

$80 - Motherboard - UNDECIDED
$70 - Radeon HD 5770 (VS 4870)
$100 - CPU - AMD Athlon II 640 (Good enough for gaming?)
$75 - Monitor - AOC 992SW2 (is there a cheaper option?)
($52 - Hard Drive - WD Caviar Blue 500 GB)
($70 - OEM Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit)
($17 (3.4%) - RAM - Mushkin 2x2gb ddr3)
($ - Disk Drive - I'll get a crap one for $20 or so)
($30 (6%) - Power Supply - Coolmax 600w)
(I'm not buying a case, just routing usbs straight off motherboard)
(Getting cheap keyboard/mouse)

Summary of questions
1.Which MOBO should I get?
2.Are my GPU/CPU good enough for gaming?
3.Should I get the 4870 instead?
4.Anyone know of a cheaper 19" monitor?

Thanks for all replies.


Jul 8, 2011
For a processor you might try to get this one:

which is on sale right now if you are an egg head member or whatever. Just grab the code off of the processor main page. It was 112 for me after the discount (just bought it for my wife's computer.

I would pick the 4870 over the 5770... it doesn't have the directx x 10 bells and whistles, but it is a tad faster than the 5770

For a motherboard, something like this should be good for the ~ 70 mark.