Gaming mouse research HELP!


Jan 20, 2013

I'm looking for a gaming mouse with this criteria at the least:
~Three main buttons (pointer, middle, ring & pinky fingers)
~Smooth scroll wheel w/ button
~Two buttons minimum for thumb (can be more though)
~Adjustable Weight
~Adjustable DPI

Can give and take:
~Gold connector
~Braided wire

I don't care about:

Also, if you all wouldn't mind, if you have the mouse, giving a review about it or just a few words.

Thanks alot! :hello:

~John®-Precision-Programmable-Cartridge-Switches/dp/B00AAQRNQ8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1359074400&sr=8-1 £35 you wont get better for the money. in fact you wont get much better if you spend half as much again.
i personally asked to test and review this mouse and was pleasantly surprised by it. for the gamer on a budget this is the best option under £50 you certainly wont get another 8000 dpi mouse for the money.
it has the avago 9800 sensor which is an upgraded version of the 1 used in the cyber sniper delta (avago 9500) has been shouting about the last 2 days. but his cost £10 more.

but in all seriousness and all bias aside. i honeslty find it very hard to recomend anything other than the anker mouse if your wanting to spend less than £50
if you want to spend more than there are to many options to list. i often refer to this page when selecting a mouse.

the sensors to look for are avago 3080,3090,3095,9500,9800 are all good sensors
phillips 2033 is the only 1 in there range worth a mention as you will find it in a rat 7/9 refreshed. some claim it has a problem with the z axis but my rat z doesn't have anywhere near the issues claimed by these guys. then again they were reviewing an earlier model and there was teething problems as far as build quality for the initial release of all there mice. problems which for the most part have been fixed.

Just throwing out there that you shouldn't be using DPI as a benchmark. Most people on the gaming circuit use anywhere between 400-1000 DPI; I've never seen anyone use more than 2000. It's simply pointless, and the numbers are inflated for marketing purposes.

A couple ones that are amazing (But lack the adjustable weight, which isn't an issue for me, as I like large, lightweight mice like these) are the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0, which is rather legendary, and very, VERY hard to find any more. (Why microsoft stopped making it I don't know. Most of us would pay more for that than any modern 'gaming' mouse.)

If you can't find one of those, the Razor Deathadder Black is as close as I've ever found to a decent copy. Nobody gets it quite right, but this one is closest. (*And it's with much reluctance that I recommend a Razor product - this is the only one I've ever tried that I've liked and that has lasted. I hunted through dozens of other mice before trying this one, but I'm glad I did.)