Gaming mouse worth the money?


Jun 5, 2012
Hey guys, have any of you used a gaming mouse before? I was thinking about it, until I saw the price. Are they really worth it?


Is a "gaming" mouse worth the money? No.

But a mouse with a good sensor, weight, lift off distance, grip, and thumb buttons is worth it. Don't be worried to much on if the mouse is labeled "gaming" or not and just find yourself a high quality mouse that you like.

Good luck
+1 that... gaming mice often aint that good, but because they have the work gaming on the box they cost 30-50% more than a normal high precision office mouse.
the 2 listed above are adequate but both have there own issues. optical mice tend to have to much prediction for my liking and the dual lens 1 above has acceleration thats never quite off. in fact when its off it becomes negative which means if you move the mouse to fast it will forcibly slow down the pointer. its still a good mouse for the price but its a feature i dont like.
for my money the logitech g400 is probably the best budget mouse. it has a bit of prediction but not so much as it becomes intrusive and the acceleration can be limited to almost 0 with tuning via its software. at £25/$35ish or less it is a great little mouse.


May 7, 2012
Possibly a Cooler Master CM or a Logitech G500. If you don't fancy either of those and you have a bit of cash to spend you may want to look at a Rat9 or a Razer Naga.
Hope this helped.
i have a rat 7 contagion and i cant say i would recomend it unless the user is willing to keep sending it back till he/she gets a fully working 1. 1 in 5 are broken on unboxing and 2 in the remaining 4 will likely die within 6 months... the build quality isnt consistent enough for me to recommend any cyborg perifs even though im happy with mine...

also cyborg had the cheek to send me an email asking what i thought of there service when i submitted a ticket about the mouse causing a bsod when i created a macro on 1 of the default buttons. they never replied to it and when i checked they had actually closed it... i sent em a mouth full as a gesture of good faith... :p