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Feb 25, 2004
I've just recently started gaming again after about a year of inactivity. Anyhow i have to replace my MX700 because its getting major interference in my area(yes its interference, it works flawlessly at my buddies). Anyhow, I am seriously considering the style, size and precision of the mouse, and i know it all comes down to personal choice, but how big should the mouse be in your hand? I like the MX310, but i want the MX510's sensor(slightly improved). I play a alot of CS Source. Myingers come to the very end of the MX310's buttons, but not over them. While my finger tips are about 5~7mm away from the end of the MX700(same physical design as MX700) buttons. For your expert gamers, what would be the proper mouse size? I played better witht he MX310 than the 700, but then the 700 is much heavier and wireless and larger. So i'm not sure if it was the weight and wirelessness or the shape. Both are comfortable. And imput from your experiences would be helpful.

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I'm still amazed there are people out there who are this picky about a gaming mouse.. I've used the top end gaming mice and really haven't seen any difference.
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I haven't found a mouse better suited than the good old Microsoft Optical Explorer:

Why? Because this has the best placed buttons (5 + scrolling up/down) for quick action. I'm sure you've seen this mouse, as everyone seems to know about it but they're quick to over look it because it's been around.

I combine this mouse with the Belkin Nostromo n52 and (without bragging or anything) don't end up last.. but maybe that's because I'm better than my hardware?:)

You can have that awesome $80 wireless mouse that's for gamers or the $20 mouse I recommend.. Either way, you're going to still get killed by that guy using the ball mouse regardless of your hardware.

Just my two cents, but seriously, check that mouse out in the store and notice how well placed the buttons are. I generally use it for things I use all the time without changing the position of my hands to reach a key.

Want to reload? Most people take their index off the WASD keys to hit the R key or a number key.. I use the left thumb button to reload.. I don't take away any reaction time.. other mice have just as many buttons, if not one or two more, but they're smaller or harder to reach.



May 5, 2001
I guess everyone has different taste and needs but I like my logitech optical. I just bought a new one and I cannot wait to try it out! Use what works na denjoy the gaming!



Sep 15, 2002
I don't think it is neccissarily the peformance of the mouse. It is more the feel of the mouse. I have gotten so used to my old logitech mouse I have a hard time with other mice in games. That is about the only reason I've still held onto it. As far as I know it is the only mouse out there with 2 optical sensors on it so I guess it is a collectors item, lol.

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Have you tried changing channels? I'm fairly certain that most wireless mice operate at similar frequencies... so would changing to another Logitech wireless fix your interference problems?

I love my MX-700... actually have 2 of them. I can recharge one and use the other until it dies; then switch. I love being able to do that.

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May 7, 2003
I have an MX700 and yeh, it is great (if a little heavy). Use it for a lot of Day Of Defeat and Counter Strike. The extra buttons on the side are great, use them for switch weapon and walk.

The MX700 also has 3 extra buttons on the top, one in front of the wheel and two behind. Does anybody know if these can be used in games?? I have tried to set them up but they just don't seem to register.


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Oct 27, 2004
IMO, this standard 5-button Microsoft mouse provides for the best gaming experience. Nothing fancy, and straight to the point:

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Aug 30, 2003
My fave mouse is the MS opti mouse Blue. Cheap simple and effective.

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