Build Advice Gaming PC 1080p


Sep 12, 2012
Hi everyone. It's time to build my first gaming PC. I currently have i5-4440, 8GB, 6500xt. First thought was building a budget PC around 6500xt. After that I have tried to convince myself that a proper gaming PC is the way to go. Here is the current result.

Parts list:

Case. Fractal Design 1100/2300/2500/Focus 2/Pop Silent. Was going for 1100, but it looks small. So I thought that bigger case would be better for airflow. Dust filters are welcome. So are included fans. I use Microlab Pro 3 speakers amplifier. Since those speakers and current case (Xigmatek Asgard) take so much room, I hold amplifier on top of the case. Amp is about 10 pounds, quite small. Is that ok to keep this amp on top of airventilation if I choose such case? Or I just choose closed top case. Prefer no window. Putting some extra money on case is good right? 1100 goes for 50€. Extra 20€-30€ is doable. Pop Silent looks slick. So does Focus 2. Pop Air has a window. Otherwise good.

Ram. DDR4 3200 CL16 vs 4000 CL18. 20€ difference worth it?

Cooler: Intel Xilence I350PWM enough? Some other choices are Spartan 5/Arctic Freezer i35/Savio Frost/Pure Rock Slim 2.

PSU good? Would prefer Corsair RMx, but price is too deep. RM/RMe also same price range as RMx. Don't know much about others. EVGA Supernova G2 got 10/10 on Jonnyguru once. And that's about it I know outside Corsair and Seasonic.

GPU model alright for cooling and temperatures? Best choice up to 400€ new? For 55€ less there is 6700. From Nvidia basically nothing to choose from.

CPU choice ok? I have watched so many benchmarks and yet the picture is not clear. Most benchmarks are done with 4090. Is 12400f/13400f enough for 6700xt? 12600kf better choice? 5600x pops up everywhere as a good budget and capable option. So annoying. Overall would prefer to not have laggy experience, hitting 0.1% low too low. Shortly on third party benchmarks. Weird FPS drops over 100 FPS (0.1% low 2 FPS @ 300 FPS in Fortnite). Weird lag while smooth gameplay and no indication of FPS drops (Cyberpunk 80+ fps avg). Some kind of video conversion problems maybe. Third party benchmarks are inconsistent. Toms/Hardware Unboxed benches are done almost 2 years ago. So many variables. CPU tier list shows 7600x and 13600k superior to 12600k. Is that so?

Motherboard. 6+2+1 vrm phase ok for this cpu? I noticed that cheapest Z690 has the same vrm. Someone from this forum said that a proper motherboard should have at least 12 phase vrm for overclocking which I am not doing. Is turbo boost turned off by default? From benchmarks I have seen 12600kf is clocked at 4500/4600 mhz, but turbo is supposed to go up to 4900 mhz. Or does it kick in when pushed to limits? Provided that there is enough vrm power right? Only one core has a boost? While with overclock I could clock all cores at once? My preference would be around 5 ghz stock, but thats 13600k territory. Current i5-4440 is 3100 mhz. So 4500 mhz looks low.

SSD. WD Blue SN580 1 TB. Good choice? On the smaller side maybe. How many Read Dead Redemption 2 size games (150GB) are there? I can use old (good health) 250GB SSD and 500GB HDD (good health) as extra.

Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks.


Jun 30, 2019
Someone else should weigh in on this (I have vastly more experience with AMD that Intel), but I would think you could go with a non-k chip if you aren't overclocking. Also, I highly doubt Intel will let you run DDR4-4000mhz on a B-series motherboard (they're annoying that way), so I'd either get a Z-series board or downgrade your ram(you're already running 32GB which you don't really need for gaming anyway). If it was me building this computer I'd personally go with AMD's AM4 socket (it's last gen so CPUs can be found really cheap), but Intel does definitely have some advantages over team red. Not bad overall though. That computer will absolutely shred through 1080p and will probably do quite well at 1440.
Edit: Apparently you can overclock ram on B-series boards now, you just can't change voltages. You're B-series board will prob be fine.