May 27, 2009
Hi , How are you? first time making a thread here so i hope i can make you feel better about your self then when you first started reading this. (you are a good person and have many friends).

I am trying to build a computer and i am just no to sure with what parts i need but of course i know what i want which is a bad ass computer that will blow my friend emachine out of the water.

I am hoping to get a computer in the price range of 900-1050 dollars (i know thats a weird price range but thats what i want)

i have talked to friends and they tell me what i need but here is some help i need. i have been talking about getting a computer for 2 months but i have no idea what parts i need and i am about to give up.. so any list of parts would be very appreciate.

-windows xp (not to sure why but i dislike Vista cause it screws up my games)
-i need a list of parts no monitors or keyboards maybe a good mouse would be appreciated though
-i want the best i can buy with what money i have.
-all the cords and supplies i need too

Sorry i am kinda new so i am not even sure what to ask for....

Please anything will help me and here is a nice comment to brighten your day. (you look rather stunning and that person who you catch the occasional glance from may be taking a liking towards you cause you have a good personality and will bear many children [if you want] who will all love you)

hope you liked it and Viva Bear Arms!! RAWR


Apr 16, 2009
Yeah, I like gkay09's build. The one with the AMD Phenom II X4 955. I don't think it'll go well with XP, you'd want the 64-BIT version to make full use of all the RAM. But I've heard that Windows XP 64-BIT isn't as good as a Vista 64-BIT OS.