Gaming pc build - need some advice


Dec 7, 2012
I am starting my first gaming PC build, and i would like someone with expirience to comment on the parts and perhaps give some advice. The build is:

CPU - i5-3570k
motherboard - z77a - g43
RAM - 4X4 mushkin Blackline 1600mhz cas9 *
graphics - saphire 7870 ghz edition
case - bitfenix merc Alpha
cpu cooler - corrsair H60*
hard drive - mushkin 120 gb ssd
- WESTERN DIGITAL Caviar Blue 1TB 7k 32MB SATA600

i mostly play Starcraft 2, Planetside 2, Napoleon: Total War, XCOM, I also do some recording with fraps.

* my main questions are: Should i buy the mushkin Redline 1866mhz (or some other faster RAM you might recomend) or is 1600mhz fast enough? (i plan on overclocking), and should i get an air cooler like the noctua u12p or coolermaster 212 evo, or should i stick with the H60?

Also any other feedback would be helpful :)
i would not recommend a cooler master psu, they are pretty low quality.

as the ram goes, no noticeable difference between 1600 vs 1866. i'd stick with the 1600.

lastly the cpu cooler, i would prefer the noctua over the corsair h60.


Jan 22, 2011
I agree with daswilhelm. There are a lot of air coolers that are better than the H60 for a lower cost, faster RAM doesn't help 99% of games/applications (and 1600 rated RAM can be easily overclocked in a couple of minutes for free anyway), and a quality PSU is the cornerstone of any build. Any Seasonic unit, and most Corsair, XFX and Antec units are good as they use Seasonic as an OEM. Any other brand you have to be careful which one you pick as there are a lot of poor units mixed in with the good ones. That Cooler Master unit is actually a horrible lemon

With the build you have a quality 500W power supply is enough unless you were planning to upgrade or add a second video card later.

This one's $80, it's top-quality, and it's modular:

Another thing, if you plan to overclock that board is not good at it. I'd go with an ASRock Z77 Extreme 4

Also 16GB of RAM is just overkill. 8GB is way more than enough.

For the cooler the 212 EVO is good for the price, but if you want to get a good overclock there are better air coolers but you'll have to spend more. The Noctua NH-D14, Thermalright Silver Arrow, Phanteks PH-TC14, and NZXT Havik 120 are all good air coolers. That case doesn't allow for a side or front intake fan but does have a spot for a fan on the bottop and two at the top. You might want to add at least a bottom fan as an intake for overclocking.