Gaming PC Hooked up to 46" HDTV need tuner card learning


Sep 22, 2009
So I've built all of my previous PC's but now that I have a 1080p HDTV I would like to move all my entertainment related PC activities to the living room. I would like to use this PC as mainly Gaming and DVR/Streaming/Moviewatching

My TV is a Samsung LN-T466-1FX it has a VGA, S-video, and HDMI in

I want to use a Radeon 4890 1GB for the main GPU and eventually add a second for crossfire, which connection would be best? I have heard that there is a DVI to HDMI cord out there would this be best?

Second question (and this one I have no knowledge on and really need help) what Tuner Card should I use, I will be using Win7 64bit as the OS



Sep 22, 2007
I don't think that it'll be the best for gaming, as the response time is 8ms or so, so you may see some ghosting.

You should be able to get a 4890 with an HDMI port on it. Just be sure not to get an HDMI cord from Best Buy or Walmart or anything, as you'll generally pay upwards of $70 for a $7 cable.

As for the tuner, I'm not sure. I'd keep poking around, reading reviews and such, as I'm not that knowledgeable about them.


Hauppuage 2250 is the prefered HD Tuner today...That what i have on my system with (2x 4890) on 70inch HDTV. I got it from newegg.

Hardware and Software works well with Vista-64 and Media Center. This is the card that got me the best results...

hauppuage 2250: Hardware and Software works well. HD Recording is excellent.
ATI 650/600: A lot of software issues and don't work with Windows Media Center
hauppage 1800/1600: Analog TV Reproduction is a degraded version in comparison to std TV
Pinncacle HDTV pcie: Hardware is great but it has software issues with very slow support