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Question Gaming PC keeps restarting. All lights and fans still on while restarting

Lil Guppy

Dec 4, 2016
[Help] Gaming PC keeps restarting. All lights and fans stay on while in restart loop

I’ve been having this problem for about two days now, but it’s happened many times before. Usually when this happens, I’ll just pop open my computer and unplug and replug all wires going to my motherboard and PSU. This kinda fixed my problem every time until now.

This time I unplugged and replugged all wires and I’m still getting this resetting problem. I tried googling it and it seems like it could be a power supply problem so I pulled that out too and gave it a little cleaning (it was pretty dusty!) Nothing looks or smells like it’s burnt in there. This time, however, I noticed that while it’s resetting, all lights and fans are still running as if the pc was still running. Even my psu fan was running.

I’m near positive this isn’t a driver problem because I installed this avg driver installer program and it looks like I now have everything up to date

Thanks to everyone who took the time to give it a read! I’ll try and be as active as possible with replies
Here are my specs:

Intel Core i7 6700k - CPU
GTX 1060 from MSI - GPU
Gigabyte Z170 - Motherboard
Macho Rev B - CPU Cooler
Viper Elite DDR4 (2x8) - RAM
Crucial MX300 1TB - SSD
Windows 10 Home - OS
Phanteks Enthoo PRO M - Case
The two fans the case came with

Also, I noticed that there aren’t any weird spikes in task manager before it restarts