Aug 16, 2020
It looks solid. But I do suggest getting a B550 motherboard instead of B450 just in case you upgrade to Zen 3 later. B450 will only support Zen 3 on selected boards. But if you're not going to upgrade, then the B450 is more than enough. Happy gaming!

Here's the chart for Zen 3 compatibility, just scroll down to the middle of the page:
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Yeah, it's a fairly decent build, but with new hardware launching soon, it might potentially be worth waiting a bit if you don't need it right away.

The new generation of Ryzen CPUs should be getting announced in a few weeks, and while they might not be available for purchase until some weeks after that, I would expect them to offer a new, faster 6-core, 12-thread CPU for around the same price as the 3600. At least if you are in the US, the 3600's price has not been as good in recent weeks as it had been up until a month or so ago. For much of this year, you could regularly find it on sale at major online stores for around $175 or less, but now it's back up to its launch price, if not a little higher. It's currently $210 at Amazon and Newegg, which is about the same price that you can get a 3600X for now, with its somewhat larger stock cooler and slightly higher clocks. If I had to guess, AMD may have cut manufacturing of the 3600 to focus on their new CPUs, and retailers have raised prices to avoid running out of stock before those become available. So, if you were to spend that much on a CPU, you might as well get the X version. Based on rumors though, it might not be surprising to see the 3600's successor get 15% or more performance for around that $200 price point. And if those are on the market soon, the 3600's price might again drop to those prior levels, or maybe even less during Black Friday sales.

As for the graphics card, again, it's arguably a good choice, but Nvidia is in the process of launching a new generation of GPUs, and AMD will soon be launching new high-end cards as well. The 3070 is launching next month for as little as $500 with performance that's supposed to be comparable to a 2080 Ti, and a 3060 (or possibly 3060 Ti) is rumored to be coming shortly thereafter for around $400 or less, which I would expect to be somewhere around the performance level of a 2080. And if that were the case, we might see a card not too long after that with at least 2070-level performance for around $300. And even if that's not quite on the market within the next couple months, or stock is extremely low making them difficult to find at those prices, we may see retailers cutting pricing on existing cards around Black Friday in anticipation of their arrival.

Of course, if you need a new system now and don't want to wait a couple months, it looks like a decent system. I would probably trade the 3600 for a 3600X if you can find one for about the same price though, and maybe switch to a B550 board, as EridanusSV suggested.
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