Question Gaming PC upstairs suddenly experienceing frequent WIFI disconnects and reconnects...

Jun 18, 2021
I have a gaming PC upstairs. We have an Xfinity modem that is capable of sending a good signal up to 150 feet and the PC is only about 20 feet away in an upstairs bedroom. There are no large metal objects blocking the signal, and the modem is in a good position, on a desk with no obstructions around it.

Starting about three weeks ago, the WIFI will suddenly disconnect and then reconnect about 5-10 seconds later. The problem is not a weak signal or intermittent signal. I've run a WIFI monitor on the PC and the signal is always at its maximum or close to it. The WIFI will be on the PC working fine for any where from 20 minutes to an hour and then suddenly there's no internet, instant disconnect. Sometimes it will happen multiple times in as little as a few minutes. Sometimes it won't happen for several hours and then suddenly happen out of the blue.

Now one strange thing I've noticed is that it SEEMS like the WIFI disconnects most often when I'm watching a Youtube video or like if I try to fastforward or backward to a different part of a video. I can't say definitively if that has anything to do with it because it's also happened when just on an ordinary website as well.

Another strange thing is that it seems like I can play a game like ESO, WoW or any other online game for several hours and the WIFI stays connected fine the whole time, no interruptions. But when on the general internet is when it does it.

I have done every single troubleshooting thing out there. I've rebooted the modem, I've checked all the cables downstairs, I've logged out and logged back in to the network, I've changed power settings, I've changed the DNS settings, I've changed the network from public to private, I've checked Firewall blockage, I've checked virus protection blockage, I've set Google Chrome back to its default settings, etc. etc. etc.

Nothing has worked. I've also tried to troubleshoot Chrome and see if the disconnects happen with Microsoft Edge or other internet browsers. It happens with them as well, so I don't think it's a Chrome thing.