Question Gaming PC


Nov 12, 2015
Hello All, I want to build a gaming pc for my son, This is a final gift from his grandpa that recently passed away.

he likes all of todays game and I am trying to find the best CPU for his system.


for the whole system around 2000. no 4k
The first thing to do would be to explore your local market and see what GPU are available and the pricing for said.

You can build a very basic, but workable base system for around $600 and up from there according to how powerful a system you wish to build.

As a "for instance":
i5 10400 or similar.
B or H chipset by price
16GB of RAM such as Corsair Value, Ripjaws, etc.
SSD such as the WD Blue, Samsung 8xx series (and there are other good options)
a case- this can be as basic as $25 and skies the limit. Remember to match the case form to the size motherboard

Once you price something similar to the above together, then start looking for the GPU based on price and availability. Alongside that, consider the PSU that the GPU you find and like requires. Pick something middle of the road or better for a PSU. There is a great list here on Toms concerning quality tiers.

Don't forget peripherals like monitor, mouse, keyboard and would also suggest to keep in budget for something like an inexpensive 1TB+ HDD for game storage.

In my mind I would think something like an i5 based system running a 3060 level GPU should be possible on that budget.


If you went either of those ways, you should be able to complete a buildout for much closer to 1K than 2. I would have to do a lookup to see which was the more powerful card. I know a 1050ti isn't super powerful and could assume the same for the 1650. Based on age I would consider the 16 series. Either of them should be capable of 720 on higher settings or 1080 on lower settings. Many of the popular multiplayer games the kids like these days don't take much to run.