Gaming PC


Nov 22, 2012
So I'm going to be building a gaming PC for under 600$ Just wondering if all the parts I have will work with each other. I'm pretty sure they will just want to make sure.

Power Supply:
DVD Drive:

Any help is greatly appreciated. I've gone with the parts I believe I can sacrifice a little performance for a price drop all except the video card and Processor since I believe those are the most important parts in the build.

Final cost comes out to 549.91$ and I've already got an SSD so a drive isn't needed.
On a budget, I wouldn't recommend the 3570k. The "k" means that you can overclock the CPU. However, right now newegg has a $20 gift card, so you should buy this CPU. If this deal wasn't going on then this would be better:

If you do want to overclock the 3570k then you'll need two things.
One, a better cooler like this:
Second a z77 motherboard. H77 motherboards can not overclock CPUs.

Your psu is 750W, but based on your system it looks like you only need a 500W psu. Why buy a 750W? This psu is better for what you listed: