Question Gaming Performance Concerns

Aug 9, 2021
Hi All,

I just wanted some feedback on if there is anything I can do to improve my performance. Below are the specs of my previous PC and also my current. I mainly play Call Of Duty Warzone and have seen a marginal increase in fps/performance which I am not happy with.

Previous PC
  1. Intel i7 9700k
  2. MSI RTX 2070 Super 8GB
  3. Corsair 32GB Ram 3200mhz
  4. 512GB SSD
  5. Asus Rog Strix Z390H
  6. 1440p Monitor
  7. Asus ROG Watercooling
Current Build
  1. Intel i9 10900F
  2. RTX 3070 Ti Founders Edition 8GB
  3. Asus ROG Strix Z490 H Gaming Wifi Motherboard
  4. Kelvv 32GB 3600MHZ RAM
  5. 1TB Samsung SSD
  6. NZXT Z53 Watercooling
  7. 1440p Monitor
So I used to get around 130fps playing warzone on my previous build and now I am getting around 140fps which is next to nothing. I am running windows 10 21h1 build. All drivers are updated and I am have looked at some windows optimization videos to see if I can improve this. I am running med/low settings.

Any help would be appreciated. At this point, I feel like I have wasted my money.