Question Gaming problem

Aug 8, 2019
So I have been trying to figure out why im having a problem and there could be a few possibilities (and yes i know getting a cable will solve it) but... my internet speed is usually around 15-17 mbps down and around 5 mbps up at any given point. But I keep running into a problem where my internet gets these huge peaks and valleys almost looking like a seismograph lol. I get massive spikes in lag that makes every online game almost unplayable, i also have the warning info on the side for every game displaying bad connection. Here is what i get (for the most part) during a game of Mordhau Wifi Im using a usb dongle for my wifi connection atm as i prefer cord and never wanted to use wifi so i never got a card. But where i just moved to i cant have my computer close to the router which is about 50 feet away (not including if i was going to hide the wire i would need to run) Im using a Netgear A6100 and im on a 5ghz band. Any thoughts?

P.S. My ms in games like wow or BFV is around 30-60 and wow never has an issue. Mordhau always displays the issue and has bad sections where ill randomly lose connection for 3-5 sec and then come back showing anywhere from 100 to 500 ping then slowly come back to around 60. BFV never shows a spike but i get rubberbanding alot...
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