Gaming RIg, advice/opinions/answers needed


Mar 28, 2009
Ok, going to buy the following tommorrow, so one last chance for me to get advice.

Things I am no questions getting.

Antec 1200 case
Corsair 1000HX psu
Intel i7 920
Asus WS Revolution mobo
2x Asus GTX285 gpu
Asus DVD/CD RW drive
Fujitsu SAS 15k rpm 147GB drive. System/Apps/Games drive
WD 1Tb RE3 7200 rpm storage drive

Still up in the air-

TRUE copper cpu heatsink with 2x scythe ultra kaze fans in push pull. Was this or the Scythe Mugen 2, but I like the idea of the all copper, and it would be cool to show it off :) Oh yeah, I will make a custom I_I shaped bracket to help support the TRUE and also have it lapped and also washer mod it.

3 pci slot exhaust fans to send the gpu exhaust out of the case - is this a good idea, i will probably aftermarket some AS5 on the gpus and putting these fans under the gpus seems like it would exhaust heat out quickly. The 3rd one will be put above the PSU (bottom mounted) to exhaust the heat from that.

6x2gb Corsair Dominator RAM - this is the biggie. I have read posts saying the revolution will take 12gb no problem, other posts say it wont work period. I would love to get a difinitive answer. One reviewer on NewEgg said he had Dominator 12GB running @1360 mhz @ timing of 77720 1T with 1.64v and it ran fine. I dont know what the 1T means but if its stable it would work for me. I looked at the QVL on asus website and the dominator was the only 1600 RAM that was compatible at 6x2GB.

Since I have the 3 high CFM PCI exhaust fans, Im going to reverse either the 2 rear 120mms or the top mounted 200mm fan so I can keep positive pressure in the case. It all depends on which way I mount the heatsink/fan. That depends on if I can clear the 1st memory slot, if i can, im going to aim CPU exhaust at back of case and reverse the top 200mm, if not, then vice versa.


Dec 24, 2008
Well if you are fine with paying that extra money, but its really not necessary. Its overkill IMO. The products that get listed there don't just get listed based on merit, it has a lot to do with contracts between companies and marketing and product placement as well. The CP-850 would be fine for GTX 285 SLI. Its brand spankin new which is why its not on anyone's list.