Gaming rig uner 1000$ or (50000 rupees as i am from india)


Nov 15, 2012
I want to custom build a cpu for gaming .... and i m planing to buy intel i5 3570 (non over clocking version) it cost 13000 rupees or almost 240$ , nvidia gtx 650 ti which is too 12000 rupees or 230$ and i don't know which mother board to buy , but i am sure that it will be an h77 chipset based but i want it under 200$ , and what other things do i need ...
main usage gaming and browsing ..... please help i cant spent more than 1000$ coz it is my saving of 600 $ + 400 $ from dad ... PLAESE HELP ... PLANNING TO BUY ON CHRISTMAS!!! AND I M NEWBIE THIS IS GOIN TO BE MY FIRST CUSTOM BUILT PC ...