Gaming Rig upgrade help


Oct 13, 2009
Hello guys.. I had previously posted a question on a good card and case for gaming and i have decided to buy the 5850 and the nzxt m59 case.. I have also decided to buy cooler master 550 extreme power psu.. As i am really running short on money i need a good motherboard to oc my q6600 go to atleast 3.0. My current mobo has no overclocking options whatsoever but i have done oc before on my friends comp.. Please help me select a good mobo... My budget is around 90 $ max


One more thing....

Don't get a Cooler master Extreme power series PSU.
They aren't very good quality units.

just get yourself a Corsair 550VX or if budget doesn't allow that then get a 450VX.