Question Gaming Router

Apr 23, 2020
Hi, I am trying to upgrade my gaming experience and my WIFI usually creates a lot of lag and I was looking online for ways of fixing it, I came across gaming routers.
1: Do they actually make a difference against a Sky Q box which I’m currently using

2: Do I need to pay for wifi or do the gaming routers come with wifi

3: Do I need to connect them to my Sky Q box

The best thing for gaming is to avoid WiFi. Is there any way you can run an Ethernet cable to the router? If no I have had very good success with powerline adapters.

Also unless Sky have changed they don’t support using your own modem router. I know a few years back they wouldn’t provide the account details to use your own router. There was a way around it but it wasn’t easy and was against the contract/warranty.
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In agreement with @sizzling.

And I will add that the actual performance difference between a "router" and a "gaming router" is most likely more a matter of marketing than any true performance gain.

Router's must comply with wireless standards, specs, and power limitations.

At best, the wireless performance will be maxed if there is only one user.

But that wireless performance will still be less than a wired connection.
As mentioned companies like to put the word "gaming" on anything so they can charge more.

The key feature that a so called gaming router has it has a slightly better QoS. It is not even that much better than many other router that have good QoS. What it has is some precondigured rules based on some of the more popular games. So in effect you paid someone to do partial router configuration for you.

BUT all that does not matter. QoS only function between the LAN and the WAN. It will not fix any type of wireless issue like you want. The only way to fix wireless and gaming is to not use wifi there is no real fix the two have fundamental design issues that will impact performance.