Question Gaming/Streaming - Far Cry 5 Stuttering since New Hardware (Fresh Install), 2 PC Setup with Fullscreen Projection to Capture Card


May 29, 2016
Hi, Avizzo here.

Including lots of information to hopefully provide more ideas of what the cause might be or if it is what I think it is.

This isn't intended as an advertisement but for the sake of context I'm a streamer and currently speedrunning FC5 Any%. In the same span of time (3-4 months) I have made some hardware changes (4090, 13900K, 3x 240 Hz 1440p monitors).

Over the past few months I've been dealing with and have been trying to fix this aggravating issue that I do not remember having before something like mid to late November of 2022. Since I've been playing basically the same game since then, I haven't made a big or long enough attempt to try out other games to see if this issue still persists elsewhere.

I went from a 3090 Ti & 12900KS to a 4090 & 13900K. With these new upgrades and with how exciting it was for the specs to be released for the 4090, I wanted to upgrade my monitors as well. I went from 144 Hz 1440p monitors to 240 Hz 1440p. Previously, I was mirroring my center/gaming display with my capture card for lossless performance and also the easiest way to capture my game. Currently on the market there are no capture cards (to my knowledge) capable of capturing 1440p 240 Hz.

I have since then lost the ability to mirror my display, because in order to capture at 240 Hz I would need to use 1080p. I'd like to use my native resolution for the display. The maximum refresh rate capable to mirror at 1440p is 144 Hz (again, to my knowledge). The capture card I'm using is the Elgato 4K60 Pro.

Prior to all of these new additions to my rig, I don't believe I had random stutters. They're something that is easily noticeable and quite difficult to game around. Since November or so, my game has frequent/random stutters. They last around half a second and can cause my person to continue doing an action that happened during the freeze. Stuff like walking, shooting. etc. It's disruptive and overall ruins my gaming experience. I added too many things to my setup to easily detect what or where the issue might be so I'm looking for all of your advice!

Since moving over the projection-to-capture-card versus display-mirroring-with-capture-card, my biggest thoughts are this might be the culprit, but I'm not sure how. I changed the refresh rate of my capture card to 60 Hz/FPS, my main/gaming PC projects my center display to the capture card at 60 FPS, and the source/capture FPS to my streaming PC is 60 FPS. I do however have the scaled resolution to 1080p to make the stream more available, easy to stream.

When I was first getting comfortable with projection-based streaming, whenever I'd play FC5 and have a cutscene reach maximum FPS, my GPU would hit 100%, causing the projection of the game to freeze, but not the game itself. I fixed that by going into Registry Editor and setting the default CPU priority to high for FC5. Now more of the game's power is being taken off of the GPU. I have also limited the FPS in FC5 via NVIDIA's control panel to 300 FPS.

Not sure if this is of importance, but I've learned that the in-game FPS limiter drastically limits the GPU usage versus NVIDIA's FPS limiter. Previous to anything mentioned, I did at one point use the in-game limiter to 144 FPS (max the game allowed) and then try NVIDIA's limiter to 144 FPS. NVIDIA's limiter would make my game sometimes reach 100 percent but the in-game limiter would make me only use around 70 percent max. Since changing my CPU priority to high for "FarCry5.exe", the GPU now only goes up to a typical 40-60 percent (according to Task Manager which is open at all times while I game).

If any of my additional hardware matters, I'm on an MSI Z690-A PRO DDR4 and 64GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200 MHz/CL16(?) and 4000 MHz/CL18 (swapping between the two to try and find the better option, separate topic) non-XMP cuz the default overclocking fails (current speeds are 2133 MHz).

I believe this is everything I know/have to offer in terms of my problem. I'm down for any and all ideas and am on a fresh install of Windows and having the exact same issue after setting up my OBS and everything else back to their defaults. Again, I have yet to game without projection and/or streaming and am willing to try anything if necessary. Just tired of having an unpleasant gaming experience when I'm on super current and powerful hardware.

One last note: I have also tried disabling monitor capture while I play and also using a totally separate scene without monitor capture included and am using game capture entirely when playing. Not sure if that could play a factor, but I know it's been previously mentioned by people on other forums saying monitor capture can cause stuttering/FPS drops. With or without it, the issue still persists.