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May 4, 2014
Hi guys,

I’m looking to build a new PC that can game and stream smoothly at 1440p. The budget is a flexible $4K AUD (a little more is okay if cost vs performance is justifiable.) Looking at going with a clean white theme.

I’m considering specific parts to incorporate into this build and I’d really appreciate any opinions or other recommendations:
  • AMD ryzen 3900x or 3950x (extra cores for better streaming capabilities) or do I wait and go for one of the new zen 3 ryzen 5000 cpus?
  • 3080 igame vulcan , TUF OC, or Gigabyte Vision OC (to tie in with white theme). The igame vulcan is available in 2-3 weeks while other brands will be a much longer wait
  • Corsair H150i PRO AIO
  • Lian Li o11 Dynamic Case
  • Ideally 2 x storage: 1TB M.2 (Samsung 970 EVO) + 2 TB for general storage
For the motherboard, what are your suggestions and why? B450, B550, X570? Also which brand would you recommend for the board?

As the heart of the build, the PSU is something I don’t exactly want to cheap out on, so I’d love to hear some recommendations for this too please. I see a lot of people using Corsair 750 - thoughts?

As for memory, I see a lot of people opt for the Corsair Vengeance PRO 3600mhz - is this the best for the price range? What are the other options and what would make it better/worse?

This is what I’m thinking so far for my build:

I’ve yet to add RAM as I’d like to find some white RGB ones for my build, ideally 3600mhz. Is 2 x 16 gb optimal? Fans are also missing as I’m unsure what to go for - although I don’t want my build to be SUPER RGB, maybe I wouldn’t mind some RGB fans as an added option?

I’m a little bit over $4K AUD (actually much closer to $5K - what are your thoughts for my current list? Is going over $4K justifiable with those parts?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to go through this post to help me. I really look forward to your recommendations and discussing my build further!