Feb 4, 2010
i don't nessarily need to buy a new computer speakers but the thought has been coming into my my these days...

i have a 4 speaker sound system and the sound quality is superb but it's rather old looking and lines are tangled and can't be untangled since itis 6 years old now what's a very good speaker to get these days?


Nov 27, 2008
Logitech Z-5500 5.1

Logitech Z-2300 2.1

Both of these setups are superb for their configuration, if you want good quality for still a pretty good price. I haven't heard the Z5500s myself (although I hear good things about it) and will probably be buying a set soon, but I own the Z2300s and they are awesome. Excellent sound quality all the way to the max volume (before blowing them of course), and they SCREAM. Some people just buy it for the sub and buy expensive satelites for them.

Just know I got a Z2300 for $120 and they used to be about that price (~$120) on Newegg.. maybe try checking tigerdirect and some others, or a frys if you live near one. Free shipping at newegg at least. *shrug

I'm not speaker junkie/guru though tbh. More video :), but my speakers keep me very happy and smoke all of my friend's sets.
Modern motherboards come equipped with HDMI and fiber optic (spdif) ports on the rear panel. I used a fiber optic cable to connect my pc to a Yamaha receiver and Polk Audio speakers. The sound is awesome. The downside is the cost. You're still stuck with cables too.