Question Gamma Issues in TESO


Sep 10, 2015
For a couple of months now, I have had awful and irritating issues with gamma in The Elder Scrolls Online that have made playing during the in-game night cycles to be nearly impossible due to how dark it gets on my monitor. I use an ASUS VG248QE, and have a GTX 1070 GPU. During one login, I noticed the lighting was considerably darker, so I asked my guild about it, to which I was told it was only happening to me. I attempted to increase my gamma, but after around 30 seconds or so, the gamma slider went back to it's original position, lowering the lighting once again. I closed the game, did some research, and uninstalled F.lux to see if it was the issue. After doing so, I re-opened the game and it seemed like the problem was gone, but it occurred once again after teleporting to a different zone.

Closed the game again, reset everything in my NVIDIA Control Panel to default, and re-launched. The gamma slider was then sitting stuck just a bit to the right of the left end of the bar. It was still incredibly dark and hard to see. After re-installation and removal of F.lux yet again, updating my drivers, and endless tweaking of my NVIDIA Control Panel settings, I am at a loss as to how to fix it. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated so I can get back to enjoying my favorite game.
Thank you!