Question gammax 200 v2 installation problem


Nov 29, 2018
hi, unfortunately there is no installation guide in YouTube about V2 (black transparent Fan) and everything is about 200t with blue fan. i have never installed 3rd party cooler so i tried to be careful. my motherboard is asus prime b660ma and a i3 inside..... i installed the plastic Ring on MoBo and its completely fixed , then i had those Black pin fixed so it wont come off...
now here is my problem.
there are Two pin on heatsink that supposed to go over 2 clip in the plastic Ring.
one of those metal clip on heatsink is straight, other one is L- shape.
i guess i suppose to fix Straight one first (i am going to refer to it as S-one from now on), then Fix the L shape one. but thats really Far away and its impossible to do so..... i tried to push heatsink toward straight clip (after that S-one fixed) still, far away! i dont know how much pressure is OK, but now all i think of is that this plastic ring does not match!!!!
any help is appreciated. thanks