Question Gateway 4870-UB318 won't start after Win10 restore


Nov 29, 2014
I was asked to take a look at a computer. It is a Gateway 4870-UB318. As far as I know it is stock with the exception that Windows has been upgraded from 8 to 10. The issue it presented with was the Win10 blue screen "Windows has encountered a problem. We will restart the computer for you" or something along those lines. The error message was "bad system config info". The system would then reboot saying that it was diagnosing the PC and eventually ended up at a window with the option to restart or advanced options. Selecting restart restarted the system ending up at the blue screen once again. On the next restart I selected advanced options and tried the various options to repair, restore, etc... the PC with no success. The last thing I tried was creating a recovery flash drive via a second PC. After making the necessary adjustments to the BIOS to boot off the flash drive I had the system do a restore operation. This seemed to go smoothly and took somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 to 20 minutes at which time the computer restarted and brought me back to the repair tools. I selected the option to shut down the PC and removed the flash drive. Now when trying to boot the system the fans come on and that's it, no video or post beeps at all. If I remove the RAM it continuously beeps but that's the only way I can get anything out of it. Any ideas?
quite a few systems were recently effectively reduced to boat anchors after recent batch of WIn10 updates, and, quite possibly older Win8-original systems would be more prone to it...

There are a few 'boot-loop' after update attempted workarounds on Youtube. ...

By recovery flash drive on another computer, you mean using an unlike system's set of drivers, etc.? That might now explain the current 'no screen' action during /midway thru bootup..

Make a WIn10 installation media on a functioning computer, and, try booting from it on the update victim...if the above steps don't work, you can try a full repair install/save applications and files....



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