Gateway Clientpro E-4620S keeps rebooting


Nov 16, 2012

I tried to post the following but don't see it the forum. I hope
I am not reposting!

I installed centos on Gateway Clientpro E-4620S and it was fine
and working. I did a proper of shutdown last week and when I
tried to start today, it just keeps power cycling within few seconds
(may be 3 or 4). It is a clean machine inside. I tried following things
which made no difference:
1. Disconnected the installed additional ethernet card
2. Disconnected the harddrive
3. Removed a bank of ram (other bank was hard to reach!)
No matter what I try, the moment I connect the power, the
system tries to bootup, I can see the lights on cdroom, but there
is not enough time to access any boot devices because it restarts!

There is no video and it does not seems to post (no beeps).
Start (power) button seems to have no effect. I can't even
shutdown the machine using the power button. I have to yank
the power cord.

Thanks for any help!
Pull the power switch cable at the MB. Pull the reset switch cable if it has one. A bad switch can cause constant rebooting.

A short'ed or partially uninstalled PCI can can do this. Remove all PCI cards and see if teh system keeps rebooting.

Can you get to BIOS (f10,f2, esc, whatever) or does the PC reboot before it gets to BIOS?

If pulling the cards (that enet card, video card, anythign else), memory, harddrive, cdrom, network, anything USB attached doesn't make the reboot go away then suspect the power supply.

This is a nice reference. Its for new builds, but you can use it for you problem. It also tell you how to start the PC with the cable pulled from the on/off button (in case you followed my first suggestion and didn't know how to do that -- power is an intermittent contact on a PC with ATX power supply).