Gateway fx6860 ur20p graphics card upgrade?


Dec 17, 2012
Hello, I'm far from an expert on computers, hence why I'm posting here.
I've had a Gateway FX 6860 UR20P since March, and I've been wanting to upgrade my GPU. I haven't changed anything on this PC since I got it. The card can be from $400 down, and it will be used to play Planetside 2 prefferably on high, or BF3 on Ultra. I was looking at the GTX670 as it seems to run games quite well. I think it would last me a while for what it costs.

Side note: I also heard crossfire Sapphire 6950s would work better than the 670.

Here are the PC and its specs. Power supply is Max 450W and Peak 500. Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated. Thanks.
The 7870 or 7970 would be your best choices but need to check case dimensions and depends on your monitor resolution. the PSU should be replaced.

The 670 is not a great choice as it costs ass much as 7970 and performs worse. Plus good free games with the 7970