Question Gateway (Intel) HDD Activity Causing Slowness

Oct 21, 2019
I have an Intel-based 64-bit Gateway PC (originally Win-8.1 version, now updated to Win-10). All was well until after a couple of relatively recent MS "Feature Updates" (one of which may have been the correction of the "Intel Hacking Fix"). Ever since then - when I turn it on - the HDD works continuously for a very long time (one-half hour to 2-hours), making the PC so slow, it is unusable until the HDD finishes whatever it is doing. However - once it's through, it's pretty normal.

I looked through Task Manager while the HDD is continuously 'on' - but nothing is apparent; I ran Defrag on Drive C: then turned-off auto-Defrag and unhooked from Internet - all to no avail ). It does this every time I turn it on. (I don't know what it's doing, but it sure works hard on it).

Microsoft said "update Chipset". Gateway o/l Support only shows 8.1 Chipset updates. So ...

QUESTION: Should I run all of the Gateway Updates, including Chipset? Or ... any other steps to take?

[If an update "dynamites" the CPU - I'll lose everything - right?]


I'd start with installing CrystalDiskInfo to check SMART status for pending issues / warning conditions. If anything shows yellow/caution, you should back up any important files you want to keep immediately.

How much spare RAM do you have during heavy "mystery" disk activity? If most of your RAM is used up by boot-time processes, the extra activity may be swapping due to low RAM. Another thing you could do is disable stuff you don't use in Task Manager's startup tab.
If your Win10 installation is botched, I'd gather inventory of needed drivers, put those on a 32 GB flash drive, make a Win10 USB media flash drive (use a $4 flash drive 8 GB for this) and put your Crucial MX500 SSD on order, and let your 3 min bootups be reduced to as little as 15-20 seconds...

NObody should have to listen to drive thrashing and watch 180 second bootups in 2019! :)

Get the drivers you need from Gateway's website, if such a thing still exists...(I'd skip all of Gateway's bloat, Magic support assist, Gateway support, or whatever update junk they call it...)