Gateway LX 6810 mobo upgrade


Nov 4, 2012

I have a gateway LX6810 that I've upgraded a little bit; replaced whatever graphics chip they had in there with a GTX560 and got a new PSU. However, the stock CPU is repeatedly foiling me as it bottlenecks my performance in pretty much every game. for a while It wasn't really noticeable, but as I've started to play games more competitively ~30 fps don't cut it anymore.

So, I'm already looking into a cheapish core 2 extreme processor to replace the Q8200 I already have in there, but: I was thinking if I could find a compatible LGA775 motherboard as well, I could get a new cpu fan and overclock the hell out of the new cpu.

Point being: I know next to nothing about picking motherboards. So any advice as to where I can find a LGA775 mobo that'll fit in my case (that one's important) that is good for overclocking?

Personally, my train of thought would be towards upgrading the mobo (LGA 1155) for about the same as replacing and getting an inexpensive (yet better than C2E) processor and the ram (you probably have DDR2 that would need replacing too)... would probably end up a little bit more expensive than your idea but... well, just throwing my thoughts out there...