Gateway ma7 wont start, battery and charger works


Feb 7, 2012

I have a Gateway MA7 model MX6931 and this is what happened:

I used the laptop the night before and everything was ok, but the next morning when I was going to use it... didn't turn on!

I can see that the laptop is getting power from the battery and it also charges the battery if its low in charge, so I don't think its the battery or the charger.

I can see that the battery LED is lit up and blue (not red, or flashing), but when I hit the power button, the front power LED lits up for a sec and then dims out but nothing gets powered, the fan does not move, no other LED lits up... nothing.

I have tried to start it with and without the charger, with or without the battery and nothing... just the power LED lighting up and dimming out after a sec.

Does anyone have an Idea of what it could be?

Thanks in advance.

I'd try a new charger first anyway. Then you need to check the power lead to the motherboard, and possibly a full motherboard replacement.

Laptop looks to be 5 yrs old maybe? Depending on the cost to swap out the motherboard you may be better off using the money towards a new laptop.