Gears of war problem PC


Oct 11, 2009
I just finished installing GoW on my laptop. when i click on the game launcher it gives me an error saying "you cannot run the game with modified executable code. please reinstall the game." so i reinstalled the game and i get the same error message. i haven't reconfigured anything nor i modified anything. what's the solution for this problem?

my laptop description:
amd sempron(tm) processor ssi-42 (2.1ghz)
3gb ddr2 system memory (2 dimm)
nvidia geforce8200m gw/5-in-1medial reader


Oct 14, 2012
If you receive the error message:
“PhysXCore.dll You cannot run the game with modified execute code.”
Or any other error message with “You cannot run the game with modified execute code“.
Fixing the Error

Put in your Gears of War DVD or CD
Go to -> My Computer -> your DVD Drive:\ (labeled gears of war) -> browse to the following folder
“Drive:\program files\Microsoft Games\Gears of War\Binaries”
(If you don’t have the disk you can download the files at the bottom of this post)
Right click copy “PhysXCore.dll“
Then browse to your Gears of War installation path
“Installation Drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Gears of War\Binaries”
Then paste the file in that folder.(PhysXCore.dll)
Replace the file then close.

Now you should be able to open and run Gears of War as normal.

Their are other variants of this message such as openal32.dll, in which the same process can be used to fix the error. You just need to use the file openal32.dll instead of PhysXCore.dll when following the instructions above.

Required Files to fix: