[SOLVED] geforce 1070 gtx doesn't fit in my optiplex 790.. but works

Sep 12, 2019
I got an optiplex 790 to house my geforce 1070, but it doesn't quiet fit in. It's bout a mm or 2 unseated from the pci e slot because of what appears to be the vrm on the mobo is hitting the end of the card where the fan is. I have till today to return it. The thing is it runs games fast, but I'm worried it might short or some other problem, and it identifies it as a 790 not a 1070 in the device manager. Should I take it back, or should I just keep it? I'd like to do some block chaining with it, but I'm afraid something bad might happen, or it might be slowed down. Thoughts?

Edit: It is the same build as optiplex, but does have a 500W psu.
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