Question GeForce 210 graphics card... running on win7.... Fix for blacked-out screen.

Jul 21, 2022
Old school ET here.. My job is to keep 20 plus year old industrial PCs running as long as they can... Allen-Bradley, Pro-face, Beckoff, Siemens, etc.... Every once in a while. I get one that's running win98,... but mostly XP... At home,..I'm hanging on to win7 as long as I can.... So,.. I had a devil of a time trying to get the Geforce 210 card to run rite... There maybe other fixes,..but here's mine...

Do all the normal stuff,..down load software,..install the pic, pc,..etc..... And when your done,.. you get a signal vga screen... You have to pull the pic card to get the pc to switch back to the on-board gpu,.. if you want to see anything...

So,.. after some screwing around with it for awhile.. here's what I came up with... YOU MUST USE A FULL SET 15 WIRE VGA CABLE.. Most newer vga cables only have the basic pins connected,.. R,G,B, H,V,..gnd... even though it's a 15 pin D connector... The on-board gpu doesn't need the monitor ID sig,.. it just defaults to a generic monitor,... The Geforce will not come on unless it knows what the monitor is... I've got a dozen or more vga cables at the house and only one was a full 15 wire set... And it was the oldest, gnarly looking cable that I had... HOW TO CHECK??? best way is to meter the cable,,.. No meter ??? look for the fattest vga cable you've got,... Those new skinny cables won't work.....