Question GeForce 3050 struggling with Watch Dogs Legion only ?


Nov 13, 2020
Hello I would like to apologise if this is the wrong sub forum to be posting this on. But to go on with my problem my PC seems to really struggle with watch dogs legion but when it comes to other highly intensive games it seems perfectly fine. I have played cyberpunk and RDR2 on high 1080p with above 60 and those games look alot better then WDL so i'm very confused about the whole thing. Could this just be the game being badly optimised? I did a benchmark and it was averaging 45 fps on very high but changing the settings lower made no difference as it would always be 45 fps average even on low. It stated that my CPU could be the problem but i asked on a thread before about if it would bottleneck and they all said no and haven't had any sort of problems before. Any help would be appreciated.

16 GB of Ram
i5 9400f
Nvidia Geforce 3050


Damn sad to hear as i recently bought the CPU. At least this game seems to be the only one where the CPU is really problematic.
Some games use a lot of CPU, others use a lot of GPU. You will never build a PC that is well balanced for every game, which is why things like bottleneck calculators are not something to trust. Your CPU is technically bottlenecking (really just limiting) the max FPS in WD:L, but if you upgrade to a better CPU that does not limit you in that game, then the other games you have which run balanced now, would then be "bottlenecked" by the GPU, because the CPU is now capable of more.

If the PC does what you need it to everywhere else, reliably, I would say to just keep what you have. You will not be able to ever find a true good balance of hardware at a budget. An extremely powerful PC, such as an i9 and 3090ti, will run Ultra 1080p 60 FPS in every modern game. However, the cost to do so would be far greater than the benefit, and that level of spending is probably just a waste. I think you get my point anyway
i saw that 10400f gives more fps in this game...which is basicly same CPU just with hyperthreading, so i believe background apps will need to be turned off while plaing this game with just 6 cores

you coul try disabling some background stuffs while playing to save some CPU power, like if game is from steam, then exit/disable services for other launchers like uplay, epic, etc, close browser, discord, turn off antivirus, also if you have mainboard software which isnt essential for gaming (like asus armory crate), msi afterburner with rstt, rgb sync software and such