GeForce 6200- Cannot activate dual view


Oct 4, 2008
I just acquired a Jaton Video-338PCI-LX video card running GeForce 6200 chip w/256MB vid RAM for my work PC. I have installed driver 191.07_desktop_winxp_32bit_english_whql.exe, and am running XP Pro SP3. It has one VGA connection and one round connection (not sure of the type- looks maybe like s-video?) that has a VGA adapter for my 2nd monitor. Both monitors are hooked up, and I can use them Horizontal span mode with no issue. My trouble is, I want to be able to use what I think is called Dual View. I like to have both monitors act as separate entities. In my nVidia Control Panel, I only have choices for Horizontal or Vertical span, or Clone.

In the current setup, whenever I maximize a program, it spans both screens. I want to set it so that a window maximized will only cover the monitor it is on, not both. Is it possible?