Geforce Experience Completely Messed Up (Something went wrong. Try restarting)


Feb 4, 2018
Hello. I started getting this issue like a month ago. When I try to open Geforce Experience, I wait around 5-10 seconds and the message "Something went wrong. Try restarting" pops up. At first I thought its gonna be an easy fix but It wasnt. After digging more and more I found out that the service "NvContainerNetworkService" Won't start whatever I do. BEFORE you go and comment try setting "Log On" to local computer, it doesn't work. I'VE TRIED Everything to get it working. All of those log on options, all of those start options, nothing works. When I try to start the service it says: Error: 14109 A generic command executable returned a result that indicates failure.(I don't know if this helps but the service Netlogon wont start neither but I haven't looked into that)

The very weird thing is that like a week ago somehow Geforce Experience decided to
automatically update it self !!! And What do you know it worked!!! I clipped some highliights .. I made video of out them! Everything was perfect........... until today.. I wake up.. I turn on my PC and same error. The service is broken again. I ve tried DDU, I ve tried simply uninstalling Geforce Exp., i ve tried simply uninstalling drivers without special software. I ve tried rebooting after a clean install, reboot after DDU. Nothing. I was just about to reinstall windows but I decided to come here.
Help is appreciated. Thank you!
I suggest you test your system memory with MEMTEST86 since bad memory can cause corrupted software.

Please also give us some basics about the system:
1) Desktop or laptop?
2) Windows 10?

DDU not working suggests to me it's probably not NVidia at fault and that the issue is other software (possibly hardware).

At this point I'd suggest MEMTEST86 then do an "In-Place W10 Upgrade" if you have W10:

1) go to MS site for Windows 10 download
2) insert 8GB+ USB stick
3) download and run the MS media creation tool, follow instructions
4) run "setup.exe" on that stick once finished

It should then "upgrade" W10 to itself which ends up replacing files which may be damaged so that may or may not fix your issue.

If not maybe a clean install though I'd also diagnose the HDD/SSD as failing drive may also corrupt data.

*Finally, if you get it working either through clean install or whatever make sure to make an IMAGE using a tool like Acronis True Image. I paid for that and it makes automated backups of my Windows SSD to an HDD. I can then RESTORE if things go wrong.