Question Geforce GTX 1050 Ti failing my dual monitors ?

Sep 23, 2021
I've found a weird problem on my setup that I think is the Geforce Graphics Card, but I'm not sure.
I've got two monitors that I've been using happily for a good while, but yesterday the second monitor seemed to disconnect and Windows could only detect 1 monitor, and the secondary screen simply showed "No Signal."

After some fiddling with alternate cables and swapping various HDMI ports, I've determined that both monitors work perfectly fine on their own. The main port (that I use for my primary screen) works perfectly fine too, but the 2nd HDMI port seems to have straight up died, and while the 3rd HDMI port can detect a monitor, it only seems to last a couple of minutes before it's lost again. Which is odd, because until now I haven't even used the 3rd slot, so regular wear from use shouldn't be the issue.

I tried reseating the graphics card into the Motherboard, which seemed to work at the time, but I'm running into the same issue today, where the second monitor only lasts a few minutes before the graphics card can't detect it anymore.

Has anyone run into this issue or something similar? I got my graphics card just over 3 years ago (just out of warranty too, I just checked), and is actually the youngest part in my computer, I'd hope to repair it before replacing it,