Question Geforce GTX 1050Ti - Cannot sort dual screen resolution

Nov 15, 2020
Evening all, hoping you might be wiser than I.

Running a Geforce GTX 1050Ti for some time, dual Samsung (identical panels) 32inch screens. One outputting to Displayport one HDMI. Recently had me an apparent registry failure running win 8, took the opportunity to upgrade to 10.

I have spent all day post update trying to get the resolution / colour pallette to match between the two screens and they just will not co-operate. Both running 3840x2160 and the HDMI seems "greyer" than the Displayport colouring.

I have tried:
manually selecting a colour management profile
reset both screens to factory defaults
Calibrated display colour
Replaced (HDMI) cables with a couple others i have had lying around.
Used Nvidia control panel to change colour settings.
I have mixed and matched using Nvidia control panel to get the native display and refresh rate to match.

No dice.

The only thing i can see is Nvidia seems to be defaulting the Display port native settings to "3840 x 2160" and the HDMI is defaulting to "4k x 2k, 3840 x2160". If i try and change the displayport to the UHD setting the refresh rate drops from 60hz to 30hz.

I know this isnt hardware as they were working fine pre update, this has to be software but for the life of me i cant figure it out! Any advice appreciated


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

I'd first try and make sure that you're on the latest BIOS version for your motherboard, then see if you're on the latest version of Windows 10. Currently we're on 20H2 for Windows 10. As a precautionary measure, download the latest drivers for your GPU from Nvidia's support site, then use DDU to uninstall your GPU drivers, disconnect from the internet and manually install your GPU drivers > in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator.

See if that helps you out.

For added measure, include your system's specs for us to see.
Nov 15, 2020
Hey, thanks for coming back to me.

Followed all of the above steps - still the same situation. The reinstall of Win 10 was a full clean wipe and install too FYI

Running the following, old enough build but like i say it was running fine pre update.

Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H
Core i7 3770K
16GB Ram
Booting Win 10 OS off 1258GB SSD
Geforce GTX 1050Ti with both Displayport and HDMI utilised for dual screen.
Dual Samsung LU32J590UQUXEN screens

Thanks again