Geforce gtx 275 fan speed


Sep 24, 2009
Hello i just got my geforce gtx 275 and i was worried because my card was really hot around 80-90(it felt like) in-game.. so tonite i decided to mess with the fans speed and wanted to know if this is good...

GPU Temp sits at around 46-45 idle with 80fan speed. idk about in-game yet as im still waiting in queue for aion

Before the fan speed was at 40 and the GPU temp sat at around 53-54. I dont know what the fan speed was either ingame because i didnt have precision installed at the time.

If anyone could tell me if its good to leave it at 80 fan speed or if it was fine at 40


Jul 30, 2009
80% fan speed shouldn't hurt your card at all...the fan is built to be used. I would however suggest using RivaTuner and following this easy tutorial to set up fan speed profiles so that your card automatically increases your fan depending on how hot it gets. This will greatly cut down on noise produced from your computer.

As for the temps you listed, even 55c is perfectly fine at idle for a GTX card. And I'm guessing since you said "it felt like" that you didn't use a temp program to determine your load temps before messing with the fan. GTX 275 load temps shouldn't be in the 90s if the fan is being used properly...even at 40%. 65-80 is more or less what you should expect with stock cooling on the GPU in an intense game (unless your game of choice is FurMark ;P)