Geforce GTX 275 from EVGA, which card to get?


Jun 5, 2009
I want to purchase a GTX 275 card by EVGA from Newegg and it seems they have 4 different models.
One is the regular GTX 275, and then there is the Super-clocked edition, FTW edition, and the model with 1792MB of memory.
All are within $50 of each other, so I was wondering, which one will give me better performance?

Here are the cards
Unless you're playing at an insane resoloution, on two monitors, the 1792Mb card is just money down the drain.
The top 'superclocked' has, for me, nothing to recommend it over the stock card
and there is no way I would pay an extra $50 for the bottom overclocked card when I could overclock this one myself:

And it has a freebie game I do not have;)

My prejudices aside: this one would be the fastest:

Just read the reviews first, several people seem to have had problems with this card.