Geforce GTX 560 SC on stock 525w XPS PSU - Multiple Monitors? 23"


Aug 22, 2013
So I decided to upgrade my GPU since I have a fairly high end system, but I bought it used/new from someone who snagged the card from it and replaced it with a really low end GT.

I did a little research regarding this particular card being ran on a Dell XPS of my model without installing a aftermarket PSU, and I found that many people have successfully ran GTX 580's without any issues ever on the stock PSU.

So I went against a gut feeling and went ahead and installed the new GPU I acquired with the stock PSU and haven't had any issues at all. GPU is running at max 69 degrees C after game play sessions.

Keeping in mind.. I am a casual gamer, and a web designer so I needed this card for multiple purposes. I decided that I did not need anything higher like a 650 TI that I almost bought but I got such a great deal on the one I have now that I couldn't justify paying more for 13% increase in performance.

So my main question is..

Everything seems to be going smooth, and according to plan.

..but I have 3x 23" monitors in my office. For now until I can get professional advice on what I am capable of doing am only using 1 display at the moment.

I'm no rocket scientist, but I know that 2 more monitors should jump the Watts, but how much? Will this take me into the red zone with this PSU?

A little extra info from my research:

Current PSU: 525w
GPU: Max 150w

Manufacture recommends 450w PSU for this card.

Your thoughts, comments, concerns are all welcome, and appreciated!

Thank you

-- BTW first post here :)


Aug 31, 2012
Your monitors don't sap power from your PSU, since... well they are plugged into the wall. The only way your power consumption would be increased is the slightly higher GPU usage at idle from running the extra displays, but this is negligible. You also won't increase usage under load as 100% GPU usage on one screen is the same as three.