Question Geforce gtx 580 combined with Asus tuf x570

Nov 18, 2022
Hello! I have a brand new configuration.
Asus tuf x570 mbo c
Corsair vengeance RGB 3200 MHz 2*16 gb ram
Ryzen 5 5600x cpu
Corsair 850w psu (7y old)
Win 10 pro

The question is:
I have complication to install the graphics card - Gigabyte geforce gtx 580. I know it's old and I need a new one, but I need to wait my salary.

After installation of the new Windows the system not detecting the vga card. Driver not possible to install for the vga. When I tried to install it, the system crashing. I need backup it from backup point. Even when the Windows update trying to install the driver.

I don't know it is possible this vga card not compatible with the mbo?

Pls help me. Thank you very mutch!
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