Jan 27, 2013
Hi all, I hope someone can help. First my specs are:

Motherboard - Asus IPIBL-LB
PSU - 400W
CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad 2.6
GPU - Geforce GTX 650 Ti

So I've pinpointed the clicking sound I'm hearing to my video card using a stethoscope. I'm pretty certain the fan is not the cause because when I increase the fan speed, the clicking speed remains the same. The clicking noise occurs when the graphics card is underload and it seems to be in sync with the frames per minute. It'll click less when the frames drop and click faster when I get higher fps. Furthermore, when I overclock the voltage on the graphics card from 1.050V to 1.100V or higher, the clicking noise becomes louder.

I've heard bad fan bearings and coil whine and this noise is definitely a clicking rather than a buzzing.

Any help will be appreciated as I won't be able to return this card back since I've had it for a few months now.