Question Geforce GTX 750TI 2GB video card: Searching for Win 10 x64 drivers


Sep 6, 2016
I have a Geforce GTX 750TI 2GB video card which I have been using with Win 7 for video editing.
I am trying to find a Win 10 driver for this card for an upcoming Win 10 x64 install.
Searching on the official NVidia website, is met with no hits and the response:
"No certified downloads were found for this configuration."
However, a google search does reveal 3 'game ready' drivers for this card: rel. 09/07/19 rel. 14/04/21 rel. 24/01/23
Can I use these 'game ready' drivers? Are they suitable for video editing on Win 10 or do I need 'studio' drivers?

I also came across an 'unofficial' Win 10 nVidia driver (re. 30/01/20) at
Not sure what 'unofficial' actually means. Is this a suitable driver to use?

So, my question is, which of the above drivers to use for Win 10? Maybe someone can point me to some drivers I've missed that might work?
Or, if all else fails, will the Win 7 drivers I have used in the past, work on Win 10?
Thanks in advance for any advice/info.
You don't use the search on their site but the dropdown menu system under "Drivers." In any case 1st gen Maxwell is still supported so the latest driver is from last week. It's the same driver you found, only in US English instead of UK english (what's the difference, 32-bit "colours"?).

Studio drivers are supposed to be more stable and less frequently updated but they don't make them for your card.

nVidia dropped support for Win7 back in Oct 2021 so the latest Win7 drivers are that old.
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