News GeForce RTX 3060 Takes 42% Performance Hit in Mining Operation


I do not see how this will help or benefit nVidia or stop mining...
mining has no benefit for nvidia.
they sell cards at a fixed rate.

they dont mark up the product (thats 3rd partys)

gimping mining effectiveness on GPU's is designed to give ppl who want to use them for gaming (their original purpose) a better shot at getting one. (as u only have fight scalpers and not the mining group)


Oct 5, 2018
Sabotaging the customer is all the rage these days. From Apple to Facebook and more.

If I wasn't already using Linux I would be switching. Today. I didn't pay all this money for hardware to have it come with some overlord attached to it.


Feb 18, 2021
I do not see how this will help or benefit nVidia or stop mining...
It probably won't help nvidia, or the supply of nvidia cards to a great degree. Miners may switch over to amd cards if it will effect the entire 3000 series of cards, with the newer drivers. And you'd still have the issue of scalpers.

This doesn't help "leisure" miners, those with one to a few cards using them to make some extra money on the side, while they aren't playing games on them.

That 3060 card, with the performance drop, runs at about the same spead as an unoptimized(to very lightly optimized) gtx 1080 card for etherium mining. At that speed, it would take a little over 2 years to mine one etherium coin with it, on a pool like ethnrmine.
I do not see how this will help or benefit nVidia or stop mining...

I guess you missed the simultaneous press release where Nvidia found a brilliant way to clear out their old inventory and make mining specific cards. Sell cards to gamers, boost their reputation with gamers, will still sell out of cards, and sell off their old inventory to miners. It's a win-win-win for Nvidia.


Oct 14, 2011
Here is what nVidia is going to do. They see how much money people are paying scalpers and nVidia is thinking "We are supposed to be the scalpers." They will increase the p rice of the 3080 mining version to $2500 and the 3090 mining version to $3500. Because they can.

Also, every single mining card actually hurts the supply of regular video cards. A gaming card has to not be made for a mining card to be made. The is -1 gaming card 1 mining card. But wait... At the end of it's lifecycle when no one wants to use it anymore, it can't be sold at a discount like current gaming cards can. That means at the end of life, another gaming card is taken off the market and nVidia gets to sell another brand new gaming card. So a mining card isn't 1 mining card, but 1 mining card plus NEGATIVE 2 gaming cards. That means nVidia triples their sales and more than triples their profits.