News GeForce RTX 4090 Reportedly Makes Its Way To Laptops


Oct 23, 2019
I was considering building another desktop computer but if they're going to come out with a 4090 laptop version then I might just buy a gaming laptop. They're easy to move around and they're usually much more efficient albeit being less powerful.
But from what we've seen from reviews they really push the 4090 graphics card pretty high and there's room to cut off and still be a very good performer.
But when they say 4090 laptop version don't always think that you're going to get a 4090 chip.
I bought an RTX 3080 laptop only to find out that it was just a RTX 3060 full chip which they just called a 3080 laptop GPU version.
I wasn't sure how to feel about that when I found out but the thing performs as good as a RTX 2080 Ti, in a laptop, so I was quite happy with the performance.

My laptop kills it 1440p and does well in 4k. That's been hard to do even with gaming laptops for years.

Therefore, I hope these RTX 4090 laptops come out soon because it might be worth investing in that rather than build a $4,500 desktop. The main reason is not because the performance will be as much as a 4090 desktop but because it will have all the features of the 4090 in a laptop. Dlss 3, frame generation, and all the encoders that you would want plus hopefully a whole bunch of vram. I hope they don't cut back on the vram like they did with the RTX 3080 mobile.
Anyway, that's all I got to say for now. I don't really like leak information but this has got me a little excited.


legit dumb imho.
you know laptop makers wont go back to dummy thicc laptops for betetr cooling. (thin is i beign the thing)

the pwr/thermals of 4090 would be unmanageable in a laptop (w/o severely cutting down on performance) and you'd be pwr limited as well as thermal limited.
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Feb 6, 2009
If you reduce voltage, and lose 20% performance, WHY O WHY are you wanting a 4090?

How does the actual user facing performance compare to a "lesser" GPU?

If they had kept power to 300W it would still be 35-75% better, rather than 40-80% better with a 450w power draw.

Plus I was showing how a 4090 mobile is not so mad as the power draw of the 4090 desktop version would indicate.


Aug 8, 2019


Feb 6, 2009
Even with a 50% power drop, its still well over 200W..... Vast majority of laptops do not have such cooling capacity.... Anyone that does will have the size and weight of a desktop instead. I guess the power supply has to be at least 400W and would be huge....
I was just pointing out it was possible to do not weather it was a good idea.
Comparing broadly the desktop/laptop version of each card 3060 is a bout 10% faster, 3070 about 40% faster and the 3080 about 60% faster.
Could not find anything for the 3090 way to much power.
If it scale like that a 4090 in a laptop is going to be so cut down and power restricted as to be only good in terms of marketing.

Looking at the power and assuming that 40% cut down die and 175 would scaling that up laptop>desktop we get about 437.5w (which is less that a 4090 desktop card of 422w)
Or we go with 70% power (drops desktop power from 422 to 329 score drops from 123,49 to 117,08 about 5%) the die only needs to be cut down to 55%
If we go down to 60% power(or 284w) the die would only need to be cut down to about 60%. This could have about 54% of the desktop 4090 performance
All the way down to 50% ( 234w) and the die cut down is 75% and this could be around 60% of the desktop part.

While the 50 and 60 power limit end up around the nearly the same assuming my assumption are right the core count of the 50% reduction would be higher and Nvidia does have a history of hiding the power of the GPU on mobile parts. That core count is going to be in big number the power in the small print.