Geforce XFX 9800GX2 Windows 7 Problems


Jun 2, 2012
So, I bought one of these XFX 9800GX2's Today. After reading reviews calling the card a beast and whatnot. I got it from ebay at a nice price. I got it home and fired it up. My psu is more than capable running this. it could run 2 of them. windows 7 quickly picked it up installed some drivers but there was some huge black bars around the screen like the card was not working properly.
After installing and uninstalling many drivers for this card i gave up and then had a think about what the guy said when i picked it up. i quote "this card works fine in Win XP but in vista and win 7 it doesn't work correctly" So i got a spare HDD and installed XP on it and what do ya know. works fine. drivers are fine and works like a dream! Back to my main problem, I hate XP and i need this card to work on 7. i get code 43 and both the cards in Device manager have the yellow exclamation mark. (the 9800GX2 is a 2in1 card, 2 GPU Chips)

Anyone know a solution? My Windows is Win7 Ultimate 64 Bit.

I am open to ideas ;D