GeForce2 GTS & a Sloooow Frame Rate



I have a new GeForce2 GTS with 64mb DDR memory by Power Color. The rest of the system consists of an Epox 8KTA2 mainboard, an AMD T-bird 750, 256mb of 133mhz Micron ram, a Creative Labs Live Value sound card, a 20gb Western Digital hard drive, and an HP CD-RW. I'm running the latest NVidia driver on the video card and 2nd to latest 4 in 1 drivers for the mainboard chip set.

When running Microsoft's Flight Sim 2000 at max graphics quality I'm only getting a frame rate of 12 to 15 fps. The fastest I might get on a lower graphics quality is about 20 to 25 fps. I'm also having similar performance with Microsoft's new Train Sim. The graphics look great but they're woefully slower than I had thought such a system would produce.

Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking that perhaps the new video card by Power Color is bad.

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Mar 5, 2001
First make sure you uninstalled all previous versions of your original video card. Check and see if there is a Bios issue for your motherboard and a AGP 4x problem. Also try another Direct3d app and see how the performance is. 3dmark would be a good test. If you get a low score in that then you know it's not game specific. That is a good start,

Good Luck

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Thank you. I think I removed all the drivers prior to installing the new ones. I did it by going to control pannel, system icon, and then removing the video card. I then installed the new one.

As far as the mainboard chip set drivers, I just installed the new ones over the old. Is there something you're supposed to do to remove the old ones other than that?

How would one know if your AGP is running at 2x or 4x?

I'm grateful for help from any knowledgable person.

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