Geforce4 Ti4800SE or Geforce Ti4600 ... Plz. Help.


May 23, 2003
A friend of mine is selling two geforce4 cards for a very very low price. The cards r listed as follows:

1)MSI Geforce4 Ti4800SE (128 MB) >> 8X
2)Gainward Geforce4 Ti4600 (128 MB) >> 4X

I have tested both cards and the older (Gainward) Geforce4 ti 4600 outperforms the MSI Geforce4 Ti4800SE in all benchmarks. As i suppose the Gainward Ti-4600 has a faster clock.

I have an 8X motherboard (AOPEN AK77-8XN)
with AMD Athlon 2500+ barton Processor and 1 GB of DDR-RAM @ 333MHz

I wanted to know which card then i should go for the MSI Geforce4 ti 4800SE-8X or the Gainward Geforce4 ti 4600-4X.
Please help me i am still confused on which one to select from the above two.
becoz u see on one hand I have a faster card and on the other hand I have an 8X-AGP card.
Please advice.
I currenlty own a palit Daytona Geforce3 Ti-200 (128 MB) and is showing its limitations in new games.

Go for the faster 4600 . The SE was a slower remake BUT with 8X bus to confuse people into thinking it it faster.
The 4x 8x difference is minimal at best. No real differense except at 1600x1200.

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Jan 13, 2003
I think the Ti4800SE is an AGP 8x Ti4200 or something....Crashman or someone will know. The Ti4600 will womp it.

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Jul 13, 2003
The geforceTi series were all originally 4xAGP. Later they made 2 Ti4800 series with 8xagp. However that agp is the only thing new about them. The Ti4800 is the exact same card as the Ti4600 but with 8xagp instead of 4xagp. Likewise the Ti4800SE is the exact same card as the Ti4400 but with 8xAGP instead of 4xagp. The 8x over 4x is almost completly a marketing thing since its the card itself that makes most difference and not the difference between 4 or 8xagp. So the Ti4600 is still the better card then the Ti4800SE since the Ti4800SE, as I said, is a Ti4400 card which is inferior.

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Jun 26, 2002
Here's a little chart that should make things clear-

Ti4800 = Ti4600 w/ AGP 8x
Ti4800SE = Ti4400 w/ AGP 8x
Ti4200-8x= Ti4200 (64 MB) w/ AGP 8x

AGP 8x makes no performance difference. You should get Ti4600

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