Geil dual channel not showing as such ??????????


Aug 2, 2006
Hello all, after my first build (thanks to alot of help from the forum users here), I'm having trouble with the memory not showing as dual-channel. I downloaded CPU-Z and it shows that i have 2 sticks in slots 1 and 3, total memory of 1 gig. The boxes on the right, "channel #" & "performance mode" are blank.
DFI Infinity NF UltraII-M2 mobo
Geil DDR2 667 2 x 512

Is the memory auto detected on the mobo as i believe it is, or do i have to set it in BIOS?

I don't have the knowledge of these things as of yet, learning everyday thanks to the good people of this forum.

Thanks for your assistance!


Try a different program such as PC Wizard 2007 if CPUZ doesn't show you the number of channels. Make sure you have put the DIMMs in the correct slots for dual-channel mode, following the instructions in your MB manual. If that doesn't work, try the other way (e.g. slots 1 & 2 instead of 1 & 3).